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1 februari - 3 februari

Limitless: En kurs i att förlösa kreativ intelligens
-med Charity Bowman Webb, director streams creative house

Datum: 1-3 februari 2024, torsdag – lördag
Torsdag: registrering från 18:15, kvällsmötet 19:00 – 21:30
Fredag & lördag: morgon mötet 09:00 – 12:00, eftermiddagsmötet 13:00 – 18:30
Plats: Lysekils kyrka (Övre kyrkogatan, Lysekil)
Helkurs – 1345kr (early bird), 1550kr (bokningar efter den 16:e januari 2024)
Ungdoms & Student Helkurs (från 12 år) – 1005kr
Helkurs för de som tidigare gått kursen – 1005kr (ta med din manual)
Mat & fika: 
Lunch och fika (2x per dag) ingår i priset.
Middag ordnas på egen hand i Lysekil
Undervisas på engelska – ingen tolkning till svenska

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Engelska kursbeskrivningen:

LIMITLESS IS HOSTED BY STREAMS CREATIVE HOUSE which is part of Streams Ministries International

Streams Creative House:

God planted a creative DNA in every single one of us; the bible resounds with proof. Through Joseph and Daniel, David and Solomon, genius was evident that we have grown to know and respect. However, what we may not realize is this genius fully activated their God-given creative DNA. We have lost the understanding of what this is, it was gifted to us to use as a weapon -a firepower so that God’s people can excel to help a world that so desperately needs the creative ideas and solutions of heaven.

This course is full of revelation and new concepts that are bringing numerous students into powerful breakthroughs in many areas of their lives including their workplaces. Limitless takes the topic of creativity and with an abundance of biblical evidence – blows up familiar concepts that have greatly restricted our thinking of what it is, and what it can enable us to do.

It’s time for change and the restoration and understanding of this gift. Unlocked divine creativity is not only a touchpoint for completely new levels of healing and freedom, it is also a powerful weapon in the hands of God’s people. God intended for every believer to become a dynamo for creativity: in originality, vision, strategy, problem-solving, invention, innovation, divine art forms, and more. It is a critical key to unlocking your ability to reach people and change the culture around you no matter what area of culture you are called to work in and influence. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, church leaders, artists, dancers, inventors, business people, mathematicians, and many more are discovering this dynamo of divine potential can be activated with liberating results through understanding the Limitless message.

This course is designed to help you:

• To understand what the creativity of God is with biblical evidence of its importance and characteristics

• Find your God-given creative DNA, then stir and release this within you

• Connect with God more deeply by exploring parts of His creative character

• Understand the expansive and varied language of God more fully

• Identify the role and purpose of God’s creativity for the Church and mission



We will have times of teaching, interactive exercises, Q & A and ministry. You will be provided with a comprehensive manual.


VISION: Vision: Re-imagining the world with God

MISSION: Streams Creative House is a catalyst of God’s creativity—activating the powerful DNA that is given to all believers—enabling collaboration with Heaven’s supernatural, innovative ideas and solutions that transform cultures.


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1 februari
3 februari
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Lysekils Kyrka
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